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 Featured Guest Writer 

Patrice is an experienced, innovative and principle centered leader who has held positions in Banking, Hospitality, Sales and Telecoms. A reformer and catalyst for excellence in all areas of her life, her style is often described as 'contemporary' and 'candid'.


Patrice strongly believes in talent and youth development. She's the proud mother of two young men and proud wife of Gary Thompson. Her favorite pastimes are writing, travelling and spending time with her dogs. She also loves all genres of music.

Read Patrice's article on our Featured Stories page "I Am Not  Ashamed".

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Patrice Thompson

                                                                                                Want to Share Your Story?



                                         We welcome guest writers to share their stories.

                                  Your contribution is valuable and will help to heal to others.

We've heard so many people say that they want to share their story but don't know how or where to start. 

       The Footprints team can help you to tell your story.


Why share your story?


Every experience serves a special purpose and we grow with each one.

By sharing your journey others can find strength and healing. It also brings the realization that they are not alone in their efforts to endure and survive. You can also offer a strong example of someone who overcame what they are currently facing. This alone can bring an abundance of hope to someone who is hurting.


You can also experience deeper healing while sharing your story and offering tips on how to get through. 

How to share your story?

Contact us at:


Short bio

High resolution photograph

Edited version of your blog

Name you want published to your work.

(Anonymous postings are also accepted)


Guidelines For Submission:

Be Original!

Only original work will be published

Be Real!

Speak your truth. It’s your journey, tell it from

your perspective

Be Respectful! 

Respect others while speaking your truth.

Ensure that no character bashing or foul language is included

in your work

Be Relevant & Insightful! 

Our experiences are similar to those of the

past and those that will be experienced in the future by ourselves and

others. Keep your work relevant to these occurrences while making it

insightful to keep readers connected and interested.


Submission Approvals


The Footprints team will contact you 3-5 days after receiving your submission.

This allows our team to view, process and respond to your submission.


Your submission will strongly be considered however, we reserve the right to

decline publication at any time.


By submitting your work you give us authorization to make edits (grammatical, format etc..)

where needed. Also by submitting your work you give authorization for it to be published in

other platforms (blogs, ebooks etc.) if/when the opportunity arises. Author credits will always

be given to you along with links to your social media pages and/or website.

Anonymous submissions are welcomed.

Promote and share your story with your social and professional network when published.

 Thank You For Sharing Your Story!

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