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We Are....

Everyday women fighting through the daily mess of life. While growing with every experience, we embrace strength, resiliency and confidence throughout this faith driven journey. 

Our truths are shared in the most authentic and revealing way in the hopes of connecting with others that might be faced with similar circumstances. We believe that there is power in sharing and it is through this power that others can find hope and strength.


We also believe in collaboration and it is with this belief that we extend invite guest writers to share their stories.


Our platform also gives you the opportunity to speak your truth and share your stories of survival and strength. 




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Earlene Camielle

Founder & Lead Writer

Claudine Siree

Co-Founder & Lead Writer

I am a creative, avid traveler, project manager, actress, mother & believer that's ready to share my truth.


I have evolved over time and every experience has been used to cultivate and connect me with the true power that is 'me'.

My process to rebuild and remake the restored woman I am today  has not been easy

but with consistency & resiliency I've found a complete and fulfilled 'me'. 

They say that without the test there is no testimony. I am ready to share mine....


Journey with me!


I am a faith driver, people builder, health strategist, theologian, wife & mother who is open and ready to share my story.


My passion for people and their well being along with my love for God has given birth to the desire to share my story in hopes of helping others.

Life has pushed and stretched me beyond limits that I thought were impossible but I am an 'overcomer'!


With each experience I've gained self awareness, emotional maturity, wisdom, strength and even stronger faith.


My journey continues as I grow daily.


Come & journey with me!

"We share the brokenness followed by the restoration process
     and in turn want to give people hope."  Earlene Camielle
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