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A Decade of Reflections: Hello 2020

By: LaToya Moxey

On the last day of this decade, my heart is full and my mind is empty, ready to be filled with amazing and life changing experiences in this upcoming decade.

I started this decade in a very different place. Along the way, I was planted and uprooted. I drank from others and I poured into them. I sat at tables with friends who became strangers and strangers who became friends. To some I was considered the worst and to others the best.

I fought many battles and silent wars, some of them were undisputed victories and others were crippling defeats. I traveled places I never dreamt of going and escaped places I wasn't supposed to be. I fell in love with learning and learned what love was not. I allowed myself to be broken down to nothing only to be built up to everything I had hoped to become.

I had dances with rock bottom and flights with cloud 9.

I had dances with rock bottom and flights with cloud 9. I watched the world around me crumble and I picked up each piece and created a new one. There were moments when I was weak and those moments helped the weak. I became a lesson and I learned many lessons. I prayed hard when I was preyed upon. There were many dark days and bright nights and I had the good fortune of not wanting to change ANY OF IT because it gave me rich fortune and valuable experiences.

This decade has taught me that no matter who you are, where you are or what you are, one thing you are - as long as you have a life - is an "ever changing, growing, shedding, layered, shifting, moving, unbreakable, remake-able, remarkable beautiful soul" and no matter what happens today or on any other given day, you get to do it again if you're here! So do it unapologetically. Own your ish... and sprinkle your magic everywhere, shine as bright as the sun and prism beams over your space. Continue to grow and change, mold and break and grab life so hard by the balls and shake it till it makes a sound that makes you laugh so hard that you forget what made you sad or worry or cry or doubt in the first place. YES...because YOU are in control!

2020 be scared because I'm coming for ya!

L. Moxey


About The Author

LaToya Hanna-Moxey is a public relations & marketing expert. The multifaceted mother of two is also an entrepreneur who has created and curated many companies and projects. She is the owner of Minka Blue Swimwear and Maven Candle Company.

LaToya is also a fitness enthusiast and blogger who loves writing, traveling and styling. She believes in using writing, fitness and fashion to inspire others.

LaToya is currently taking a 4 to 6 week break from social media to regroup, refocus and refuel her energy on her upcoming projects. This time is very valuable and is a practice that she follows each year. Once she returns, you can follow her on Instagram @LMoxey for more motivational posts along with stylish fashion tips and trends.

Also follow her fitness lifestyle page now on Instagram @lmoxeyfit.

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