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"I Was Always Connected" - My Truth

The five-year-old me saw the world through broken eyes; abused sexually and abandoned physically - but I was always connected.

The 15-year-old me was surrounded by sadness and darkness because of neglect – but I was always connected.

The 19-year-old me found myself being the nurturer to another, a task I would have to do on my own; but I was always connected.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts and I am helped; my heart exults and with my song I give him thanks. Psalms 28:7 - I am always connected

These days reflect more troubling and uncertain times, but they have made me resilient and incredibly strong. With each challenging phase of my life, I have persevered and risen far above my circumstances. This is how I know for sure that I am connected and protected by the hand of the Almighty.

My life journey has been very interesting but through each experience I trusted that there was greater purpose. I understood that playing ‘victim’ to my circumstances would only hold me hostage to those circumstances and I was determined to rise.

It is my prayer that I never forget where I’ve come from as my past is connected to my future. It has built strong character, kept me grounded, made me compassionate and proven that I am strong “in my Father’s name”.

It is my hope that my truth encourages you to push through and keep going no matter what. Each day will be different, you can change the pace of your steps to get through, but you should never stop – Keep going!

Stay connected to your heavenly Father, talk to Him because He wants to hear your most inner thoughts and wants to be your friend. Speak over yourself and your circumstances; there is an innate spirit of leadership inside of you, nurture it. And finally have a heart of service, stay humble, always show compassion and push to persevere.

Today the thirty-nine-year-old me smiles and tells that little five-year-old girl that you will always be a part of me; you are me and I am so very proud of you!

I will always be connected.

Earlene Camielle

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Featured Writer
Featured Writer
Jul 07, 2019

Sadly this story is way too familiar to too many. Speaking out is our best weapon. Thank you to both of you for reading and commenting!


Jul 05, 2019

Wow, this hit home like a ton of bricks. Life is so ever-changing and at times we feel our reality slipping away, but that inner strength grabs a stronghold reminding us that we are never alone. Through your writing I felt your journey as it somehow is a familiar one for many sexually abused children-namely girls. Your sentiments echos in my thoughts “playing victim to my circumstances would only hold me hostage”, Your words were heartfelt and you spoke the absolute truth that a journey as such sensitizes, creates a sense of compassion, builds character and strengthens beyond words. Thank you and blessings always!


Thank you for sharing your TRUTH

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