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JourneyTV Gives Back!

The heart of JourneyTV is community! Our goal is always to bring hope, healing and support to individuals and families through all of our media platforms, including our blog FootprintsJourney.

JourneyTV specifically, is used to share experiences and resources through one on one interviews with survivors who have not just survived, but have thrived through tragedy and found purpose in their pain. Non-profit organizations are also featured on the show in our Community Highlight segment.

This season, we featured eleven non-profits that continuously give back to our community. These local heroes and organizations have positively impacted our youth and families throughout the Bahamas. They are:

  1. We Life Foundation: Shavonne Strachan - Founder & CEO

  2. Dream Chasers: Nate McKinney - Founder & CEO

  3. Power Passion Purpose Project P3: Peteche Bethel - Founder & CEO

  4. Brother's Keeper Bahamas: Carlyle Bethel - Founder & CEO

  5. Hope Dealers: Corey Rolle "DJ Counsellor"- Founder & CEO

  6. Heritage Partners: Francine Russell & Andrea Moultrie - Co-Founders

  7. Core Project: Shyann Chipman - Founder & CEO

  8. Gracious Givers: Samantha Johnson & Julia Sands - Co-Founders

  9. The Wives Club: Sharron Neely - Founder & CEO

  10. Teen Challenge: Eric Fox - Director

  11. Grow Immensely In God: Lavita Thurston - Founder & CEO

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This holiday season, JourneyTV partnered with three of these organizations in their efforts to bring Christmas joy to inner city children and their families. We Life Foundation, Dream Chasers and Gracious Givers will be hosting activities and gift giving events throughout the season for these inner city families

Left to right: Earlene Camielle (JourneyTV), Nate McKinney (Dream Chasers), Shavvone Strachan (We Life), Julia Sands & Samantha Johnson (Gracious Givers) & Claudine Cartwright (JourneyTV)

Pictured Left to Right: Earlene Camielle (JourneyTV), Nate McKinney (Dream Chasers), Shavonne Strachan (We Life), Julia Sands & Samantha Johnson (Gracious Givers) & Claudine Cartwright (JourneyTV)

We Life has invited Santa to East Street and The Grove to spread Christmas cheer and to deliver gifts to the kids of this community along with food vouchers to their parents. Boxing Day will bring horse and sire rides, delicious holiday meals made by local chefs and other activities to the children of Bain and Grants Town through Dream Chasers. Gracious Givers will fulfill the Christmas wish lists and needs for the kids of The Bilney Lane Children's Home and The Nazaereth Center.

Left to Right: Earlene Camielle (JourneyTV), Shavonne Strachan (We Life) & Claudine Cartwright (JourneyTV)

Left to Right: Earlene Camielle (JourneyTV), Nate McKinney (Dream Chasers) & Claudine Cartwright (JourneyTV)

Left to Right: Earlene Camielle (JourneyTV), Julia Sands & Samantha Johnson (Gracious Givers), Claudine Cartwright (JourneyTV)

JourneyTV is pleased to partner with these organizations to bring brighter smiles and more laughter to children and families this Christmas.

We salute these organizations and all of the community leaders featured this season for their continued commitment and dedication to making our nation better one child and family at a time.

JourneyTV encourages you to give back this holiday season in any way that you can because every little bit counts and there is a child and family out there that needs you!

Happy Holidays from JourneyTV!

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