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'Be Gentle'

Mental health in the form of depression is real. It's a dangerous battle that many fail to accept, but deeply feel.

Battling grief on top of life's blows can leave you feeling naked and wandering the dark streets of your soul. And if you fail to discover the light deep within...your chances of going under can be your reality, my friend. My mental illness is deep grief. It often leaves me weak. I am a determined, spiritually grounded and strong woman. This battle, I have no other choice but to win because I am a conqueror and will endure until the very end. I Yasmin Mechelle WILL WIN!

As a faith driven woman, I PRAY constantly. God is my true source; He is my refuge and strength as I face each day! Are you suffering from mental illness like me? Here's a little advice to take on your journey. Be gentle with yourself and GO at your flow. Separate yourself from those that hinder your growth. Be gentle with yourself. Find your peace and offer no apology when as you have to release.

For me it's this simple....I've worked too hard on my mental health, peace and sanity to be affected by people and things that don't take the time to understand me or the time I've put into building

My mental survival is my priority therefore I will GLOW, GROW and be GENTLE.

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I’ve been fighting this from since I had the sense to remember persons has know idea how hard it can be, they judge you without understand, that these bleeding wounds are soul wounds and they don't just disappear because we want them to... it's a process, all the ups and down are graced in different wrappings sent to help refine our unconsciousness... and you know what I am learning to be SHAMELESS about mental health.. one day we'll be able to demonstrate that we ar e more than the sum of what happen to us.. we are more than our fears.. they will grow lighter within us.. we are more than the tears trapped behind our radiant smile.. and o…


Jul 05, 2019

I appreciated your message as far too often we neglect our mental health due to fear of the stigma others place on mental health. Your words speak a deep truth that many need to hear, namely to be kind and gentle with yourself. It is funny because we go out of our way to get physicals and annuals unrealizing that each system affects the next. When our mental health is neglected every area suffers until you find that peace within the storm. Be encouraged and may the light always shine brightly on you. Thank you for this reminder, I have a friend that needed to read this.

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