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The Cover Up 'Uncoverd'

Welcome to the twentieth century where you can change any and everything you don’t like about yourself...

If you don't like a mark on your skin, there's a makeup line for that.

If you have grey hair like me, there's a cover up for that.

If you have a belly or have no butt, there's a cover up and a way to fix that.

Whatever it is you wish to cover up.....there's certainly a way to cover it up!

The beauty industry can fix all things that we deem as physical flaws but what is the cover up for the emotional and mental flaws that we carry around daily?

It is hard to cover up those internal issues but some of us have become masters at doing it. I've found that all I have to do is wear a lovely smile. Sometimes I even post a photo of that smile on social media and then everyone thinks that everything is fine.

If you ask me how I'm doing on a day that I'm actually struggling, my response will be “I'm fine" and this simple response does the trick. Everyone accepts it and to me this is the easiest approach because not many are really concerned with how others are feeling. Most of us just focus on the outside. Once we are dressed well or look fine then everything must be fine but this is all a huge cover up.

Recently I've asked myself why I do this cover up. What is that I don't want them (you) to know or see? What exactly am I afraid of?

Well the meaning of cover up is an attempt to prevent people from discovering the truth.

So that means that I cover up because I'm hiding the truth. I cover up because I don't want to be judged by my peers, family or coworkers etc.. and I don't want people to see the real me.

This cover up has been a lot to carry and in the year 2019 I've finally decided to step out and 'uncover' my cover up.

First, I must reveal the truth and nothing but the truth to myself. Here goes....

I'm a married woman but a single mom.

I was not raised by my mother but raised by my grandmother.

I have insecurities, the main one being that my hair is grey (a process that started at 16).

I'm not happy with my body.

I'm not happy with the way I process things emotionally or mentally sometimes.

In all my honesty, I've realized that it is okay to feel this way but the time has now come for me to conquer these insecurities and get fully 'uncovered'. I can fix what can be fixed - body, self growth etc.. But the things that are naturally me and will not change, I must accept them and learn to love me fully because my natural self was wonderfully and gracefully made.

I've decided to set myself free from all cover ups, I will face them, I will conquer them, and I will reveal them!

To me 'REAL' means accepting who you truly are because you are an eternal and beautiful being. Everything that is on the inside of you deserves to be freed and fully uncovered!

The saddest thing about my cover up was seeing how it affected my daughter. Our kids learn and mimic our behaviors. I found this out the hard way as I noticed my daughter continuously putting on lipstick and playing in my makeup regularly. She also wanted to wear braids in her hair often. When I asked her why she did this she replied, “Mommy I'm watching you and you do the same thing. I just want to be like you.

This realization was the beginning of me embracing my natural self and my journey to uncover the authentic me began. I removed my weave, cut off all my relaxed hair, and only wore makeup on special occasions. My daughter also stopped wearing makeup without me ever having to say a word about it to her. She no longer wears braids and if she sees me wearing them, she reminds me that I look better with my natural hair and asks me to take all of it out.

It is now a new day! I am fully 'uncovered' and I encourage you to do the same. Let's work on facing our truths and accepting our natural selves. Let's be free and fully embrace the graceful beauty that we naturally posses because we are all fearfully and wonderfully made in 'His' image.

Be uncovered in 2019!

Claudine Siree

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Am really humbled by your response thanks for reading!


Jul 05, 2019

Great read, you touched on a very real issue that many females and people in general struggle with. So many of us are battling demons and our only cover is the guise of happiness. Meanwhile, internally we are slowly suffering. I am not sure if this is a woman thing or culturally we are taught or socially conditioned that women must be strong and wear the tears of life with a smile. Honestly, I don’t know what kills us more, the pain or the act we put on to protect others from our truth. I look forward to journeying with you and thank you for sharing.

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