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We Need Your Influence Now More Than Ever

By: Mitzie Turnquest

"Flowers grow back even after they haven’t been watered for a will you!"

Never underestimate the power and reach of your influence during these times. Its difficult to see the impact of a storm when you’re standing in the eye of it but you’re touching and impacting what you can’t see. The eye of the storm is mostly calm. That means that whatever stands in the middle of it cannot comprehend the reach of its lightening, understand the power of its thunder, or fully recognize the impact of its winds.

So While you are laying in your bed feeling bored out of your mind and can’t find anything constructive to do during this curfew, crying and moaning all over your house and feeling so sorry for yourself during your self quarantine, someone somewhere needs you to pull it together and figure it out.

We need your FIGHT...

We are all wounded warriors fighting and holding onto hope. Be strong, even if that means admitting you feel weak. Your survival is a promise that this world needs you. All of you! We were never meant to live our lives as an island, we were meant to be bridges that assist those we’re connected to, especially during this time when we’re asked to socially distance ourselves from each other. I have had those closest to me vent their disdain and frustrations, however unlike them, I'm not struggling with insecurities, fear, or anxiety.

No one knows exactly how much time this epidemic will last, sadly this carries long term repercussion with it. The world is operating in a spirit of fear. These are critical times, unknown waters, and everyone is learning as they go. Therefore, you are wasting time recklessly, ineffectively, and unproductively.

We need your RESILIENCE....

We assume that our influence isn’t as wide and far as it truly is. Other people can clearly see and speak to our reach and impact because they’re experiencing the effects of it. Their perspective is different than ours because of where they stand.

Just know that you’re touching and impacting more people than you realize. They may never acknowledge or say anything to you; keep influencing any way. They may never show their support, but they’re watching your boldness, creativity and zeal. In a time like this, they’re hoping you don’t quit especially now, because seeing you inspires them.

We need your LIGHT...

Remember God won’t lead us where his grace cannot sustain us. This fight will require all of you, your creativity, your uniqueness, your authenticity, your brilliance. So go shatter pavements, go break glass ceilings, go start a revolution and stand tall cause this fight is going to feel long, it will feel like its never going to end. Just remember everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.



About The Author

"There comes a time in life when you have to give into your true purpose. Not the one you chose for yourself, but the one "HE" has chosen for you..." - M. Turnquest

Mitzie Turnquest is a fashion connoisseur, business mogul, motivational speaker and image consultant. She has revolutionized the fashion industry in the Bahamas, having built and maintained a thriving 17 year business; “Signature Styles ”. She is an international buyer, holds her own international fashion line and serves as a university lecturer. Mitzie is a fierce advocate for women and is focused on creating environments for women to rise in their beauty, connect with their purpose and take their due signature positions.

Having achieved most of her hearts desires, Mitzie, now a wife and the mother of two incredible boys, moves to fulfill her intended purpose in the building of strong women globally. Her life story bears tears of overcoming many challenges including homelessness, the death of two sisters and her father along with a financial collapse; all of which bridged the path to poor self-esteem. She could have remained broken but instead these challenges have shaped the novel and power house that she is today.

To connect with Mitzie and learn more about her consultancy and speaking services, log onto or email her at Also follow her on Facebook @Mit-z Youlanda Instagram @MitzYoulanda and on Youtube @Mitz Youlanda.

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