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Community Partnerships

We are passionate about assisting our community. We believe that focusing on community projects that are  committed to giving back. We support and sponsor youth programs that are focused on helping children that have been exposed to violence. We believe that supporting our youth will assist with the major issues in our community. 

Bahamas Crisis Center


Partnership With The Crisis Center

The Crisis Center (formerly known as the Women's Crisis Center) was opened in 1982 by Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson. It is a non-profit organization and exists to help women, men and children who are facing domestic violence, abuse or any situation of crisis.

Footprints will partner with the Crisis Center and support their programs directly focused on intervention for children exposed to violence. We are excited about this partnership and believe that our efforts will lend a hand in helping the Crisis Center to positively change our community one child at a time. 

You can assist the center as well by volunteering your time or making a donation.



Contact the Crisis Center Via email @
hone: 328-0922/322-4999


        FOAM Bahamas

Partnership with FOAM

FOAM (Families Of All Murder Victims) was launched in 2012 by Khandi Gibson. FOAM is a non-profit organization that was created to assist families of murdered victims. FOAM's mission is to reach the silent victims who are the children left behind after losing a parent or loved one to murder. FOAM's motto is "Making life easier for those in need and hurting among us".


Footprints will partner with FOAM in their efforts to help the children of murder victims receive the help and care they need and deserve.


You can also assist Families of All Murder Victims by donating to FOAM.




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